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Duties Property Maintenance companies provide

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Duties Property Maintenance companies provide

Landlords rent properties to individuals and businesses in exchange for rent. However, landlords do not move in tenants and expect money to just roll in. The rent is in return for the space and facilities remaining usable in the condition they were originally in. This means the space must remain clean and presentable for businesses, and safe and secure for residential tenants.

Duties Property Maintenance companies provide

This day-to-day facility maintenance, however, is time consuming and often dirty work. This is why landlords hire property maintenance companies. What duties do property maintenance companies perform?

If there is greenery, property maintenance companies maintain it. This includes watering indoor and outdoor plants, pruning and weeding the outdoor plants, and trimming all plants. Residential properties may leave the lawn mowing to tenants, but commercial backpack vacuum care includes cleaning the grass.

Insects and Bugs

Bugs are unsightly. Pest control can either be handled directly by the property maintenance company, or they will outsource it to a pest control company. This includes killing ants outside the building, spraying for termites and other insects, and handling any reported insects. Landlords are expected to keep the property presentable. Property maintenance companies clean the property from top to bottom when a tenant moves out and before showings.

For residential properties, day-to-day cleaning will then be the responsibility of the tenant while the property maintenance company cleans common areas. For commercial properties, property maintenance companies will clean both common areas and frequently the offices and work spaces as well. Property support companies will clean the pool, fountain and any other water systems.

Property Security

If security is provided, property maintenance companies may provide this service directly or outsource it to a security firm. This includes security guards patrolling the location, front desk staff to screen visitors, and supplying parking lot attendants. It may also include maintaining a security alarm system, monitoring it, or managing the subcontracted alarm company. With property support companies, there’s no need for a landlord to do handyman work.

If they can’t do the handyman work themselves, they’ll find someone who does. Property support companies do minor fixes like leaking faucets, backed up toilets, and burnt out light bulbs. If they don’t have the staff with the skills to handle burnt out electrical wiring or major plumbing problems, they will hire those that do.

While many landlords go into the business for the cash flow, collecting the rent can be a hassle. Property maintenance companies commonly handle the tasks of visiting renters until rent is collected or handing over late bills to debt collectors.

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