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Home Siding Service and Maintenance

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Home Siding Service and Maintenance

When it comes time to prepare your home for a home improvement project the person that needs the most preparation are you. This is because you are the one that will either have to do the internet research to get your information or you will be the one calling a few companies to have them come out to provide you an estimate and to show you what is available in the product line. In this case you are looking for new siding for your home. You are tired of painting and want something that is basically maintenance free although nothing is really maintenance free.

Vinyl Siding

You are not real sure of the type of new siding you want for your home so you want them to tell you what is available in your area. The samples start with vinyl and vinyl is made basically of eighty percent of PVC resin and the last twenty percent determines the color, gloss, flexibility, opacity, ice shavers, resistance, and durability. Vinyl siding is considered the most popular type of siding used for exterior house material and residential purposes. You are familiar with the vinyl siding because this is what you see all through your own neighborhood.

Wood Siding

The next sample is wood siding, even though it is one of the oldest forms of siding because it dates back generations it is durable and remains a popular choice. The reason for magnetic drawing board’d popularity is the attractiveness it offers and there are the color choices from semi transparent stain. There is also Redwood and cedar which are the most popular choices because of the richness appearance it provides when the home is complete. One nice feature is they are resistant to rot and mildew in all but the most humid climates.

Wood does require maintenance and it does expand and contract as the seasons change. As with all woods, this can lead to cracking and splitting, but exposure to all but the mildest kinds of weather will cause the siding to require repainting or re-staining every few years. This would not be an example of a maintenance free siding if you are looking for new siding on your home.

Fiber Cement Siding

The company also offers new siding called fiber-cement siding. If you like the idea of wood but not its price, fiber-cement siding may be a reasonable alternative for your budget. Fiber-cement siding is made out of wood strands and flakes held together with resins. Most fiber-cement siding is treated with fungus repellents and insecticides, and this holds up against most moisture, mildew and termites as effectively as solid wood. One feature is fiber-cement siding can last more than 40 years. Carefully select your colors because you do not want to become tired or bored with the exterior of your home after five years. You have a choice from a variety of textures and the siding provides durability coupled with the appearance of wood.

Look over the choices carefully and see what will work best for your home improvement project of new siding.

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