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Dealing with a Moldy Bathroom

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Dealing with a Moldy Bathroom

Reading this article completely will get you on track to dealing with a mold in bathroom problem if it has been reappearing recently. Your personal hygiene is very important to you, so it is extremely important to remove the mold from this area that your family uses on a daily basis. After reading this article, you should be able to create 3 home made bathroom mold control sprays that have been proven to be as effective as many store bought mold killers.

Dealing with a Moldy Bathroom

Included in our bathrooms are numerous items that are used inside or on our bodies every day. These personal items, like bamboo towels, should not be exposed to the levels of mold that is sometimes present in a moldy bathroom. While you are working, sleeping or even playing during the day, everyday items like your brushes for your hair and teeth, wash rags and towels are exposed to this moist, damp and moldy air and spores.

When constantly exposed to high levels of moisture and humidity, organic materials used in the home building industry always have and always will develop mold in bathroom problems especially when left unchecked. Whenever possible it is recommended that you keep a window or door open to allow the excess moisture in the bathroom to exit the space during showering. Opening windows works OK, but even better than passive exhaust would be to use your exhaust fan in the area to suck out the steamy air. If you do not have an exhaust fan in the bathroom they are a relatively inexpensive addition that can save you a lot of headaches from mold accumulation.

The only surefire way to prevent the infestation of mold in the bathroom is by controlling the relative humidity. When you are finished with your daily shower, one way to promote the drying of surfaces is to take a towel and give them a quick wipe to speed up the process.

Building materials which are not organic do not tend to provide a place for bathroom mold to grab a foothold due to their non-porous nature. Even though they are less prone to this infestation, man-made materials will still collect the black stuff on the surface if there is a food source providing nutrition to the mold spores which land upon them. Regularly scrubbing your shower to remove the body oils and scum left by soap and other hygiene products will aid in the prevention of mold growth by removing the food that it depends on for survival. Most household cleaners can accomplish this task if mold has not proliferated excessively.

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