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Underfloor Heating for your Home

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Underfloor Heating for your Home

Underfloor Heating for your Home

Over the past several years, underfloor heating has become rather popular throughout the US. With underfloor heating, heat comes from the floor and rises up as opposed to traditional radiators in central heating where the room is heated from the ceiling down. There is no need for ugly radiators anymore and the temperature can be regulated throughout your home from a central digital thermostat.

Different Types of Underfloor Heating

There are two types of underfloor heating – electric and heated water systems – available, these are very similar apart from the obvious fact that one uses an electric heating cable whereas the other circulates heated water through a pipe. We believe that Electric underfloor heating is the better of the two types for a number of reasons.

Electric underfloor heating is a lot cheaper and easier to install than its water based counterpart as no specialist tools are required and due to this, it is also cheaper to install as unfortunately for Mr Joe Bloggs the plumber, he isn’t required to fit electric underfloor heating either, sorry Joe.

On the topic of the unfortunate Mr Joe Bloggs, with water based heating systems there’s the chance of burst pipes, leaks and although fixing the problem is easy enough it will require Mr Bloggs to come out with his charge which can be quite expensive! However with electric underfloor heating there is no need for maintenance, hurrah!

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has some fantastic benefits, including the lack of “hot spots” due to the floor becoming like one large radiator, speaking of radiators – with the lack of radiators on the walls you have more freedom in decorating your room, fantastic! Did we mention the fact that it helps reduce the circulation of allergens and dust also?

In short we highly recommend you consider the advantages of an underfloor heating system instead of traditional radiator based central heating, you may be in for a pleasant surprise! With new advancements everyday and more and more companies producing underfloor heating elements, prices will continue to drop and availability will continue to increase.


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